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A True Story

It’s the Vietnam war.  One of our boys, stationed over there has fallen in love with a young woman from a family who was considered royalty before the regime decided otherwise.  He marries her & brings her home with him to the United States.  He is of prominently German descent & his family doesn’t exactly greet their new daughter in law with open arms.  But they go on to live a happy life, raising a family.  It’s the kind of story that made up this country.
    More than 30 years later, our American hero dies suddenly & tragically.  Born a princess in another world, she is now a 2nd class widow alone in this world.  Then, one day, she gets a phone call.
   A familiar voice, a man from her past. Another American soldier she remembers from so long ago.  He had been enamoured with her & very much wanted to make her his own.  He was injured & transferred.  When he was well enough, he went back to her village.  Her family who wanted to keep their daughter’s future secure, mislead the courter, telling him their daughter “went to Canada to live.”  This man spent more than 20 years looking for his love, in Canada.
   Finally falling in love himself & having his own family – but not forgetting the true love from his youth – he hired a detective & found his sweet Kim.  He chose not to invade her life; he was at ease knowing where she was, that she had been happy & that she was a beautiful as the day he 1st laid eyes on her so long ago.
   Years later, as he was just starting to go through a divorce, he heard of Kim’s husbands’ death.  He waited  “a sufficient amount of mourning time” and finally got the nerve to call.  The second most-scared he’s ever been in his whole life.  They reconized each other’s voices right away.  There was electricity in the air… could they pick up from hence they left?  They arranged a rendevoux to find out.
   “Isn’t that the most outragous thing you’ve ever heard?!  The nerve of that asshole!  Who does he think he is, calling my mom like that!  I’ll kill him!”  Kim’s 2nd son was not taking the news of the reunion well, as neither were the other 2 sons.  I instructed them to calm down!
   “I think this is one of the most, romantic stories I’ve ever heard of in real life!  I can’t imagine anything sweeter to a couple who have come full-circle to be reunited again!  You guys should support whatever decision your mother makes.  It’s about her now.”  All 3 of the half-white, half-Vietmanese men stared down at their shoes, contemplating, as they do on a regular basis, the selfishness of their actions.
   “Geez.  I hadn’t thought of it like that.  Romance didn’t even enter my mind.”
   “Your mother is a healthy, beautiful, single woman who deserves as much happiness in this life as anyone else.  Now, I’m through discussing it!  Give her my heartfelt congradulations when you talk to her next.”
   The three Stooges shuffled off like a bunch of kids that were told that not only were they not going to get the afternoon off to swim but that they had a week’s worth of chores ahead of them!  
Had the story ended there, it would certainly have been the most romantic I’ve ever encountered.  However…. it had a bitter end that I choose not to think of.  Besides…. I’ve found an even MORE romantic, true story… but that’s for another time!  🙂